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Little Tigers Preschool



Little Tigers Preschool at St. Bernard School is a community in which children, learning, and ideas are nurtured and celebrated. We provide quality early childhood educational experiences that reflect the importance of integrating our Catholic faith into daily life. Our developmentally-appropriate curriculum fosters spiritual, cognitive, social, emotional, and physical development of the whole child in a comfortable and stimulating environment.

For more information about eligibility, tuition, and program options, please click the link below to view our program handout. 

Program and Curriculum Goals

At St. Bernard, we structure age-appropriate experiences in a Catholic environment that further enhances and facilitates the growth and development of each child. We strive to:

  • Integrate the Catholic faith in all learning experiences to enhance spiritual, social, and emotional development

  • Teach children to model Christian behavior in every aspect of their lives and provide a sense of self-worth as one of God's children.

  • Strive to build characteristics of successful learners by developing social and self-help skills through group interactions that practice cooperation, sharing, and making friends.

  • Foster an understanding of how to succeed in a classroom environment by guiding children to follow simple directions and classroom rules, respect teachers, others and self, and maintain attention span.

  • Embrace the natural learning process through curiosity and enthusiasm inherent in all young children through a variety of learning experiences including children's literature, arts, and crafts, learning centers, music, movement, creative dramatics, and free play.

  • Educate children from the beginning stages of social and emotional development progressing through the development of kindergarten readiness skills.

  • Integrate literacy learning and skills from all academic subject areas including math, science, social studies, music, and fine arts.

  • Encourage individual expression through language development and creativity.

  • Model a cooperative and supportive partnership between children, teachers, and parents, establishing a positive connection between home and school.

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